Thursday, September 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Some Faves

  1. Please allow me to point out that this is my fourth post this week. *pats self on back* Blogging is fun when you have such great readers! *pats readers computer monitor...awkwardly*
  2. This is the song I've been falling asleep to every night. Get your tissues ready, Whovians!
  3. Just found out about this kid named Toby and his goal to write a letter to every country in the world. Wow! Such a cool goal, and so awesome that he's close to accomplishing it!
  4. Today is my volunteer day at Care Net. I'm really excited to go to the clinic and see who God brings through our door.
  5. Last night I got the decorating bug and was inspired by my old dorm room:

    And so now a wall in my bedroom looks like this! {Pictures of my bedroom coming soon...} I think that notes and cards and words of encouragement are one of my love languages, because I keep almost every note that has ever been given to me!
  6. Speaking of decorating, Pinterest has once again come to the rescue of gifted-not-artistically people like myself through inspiration from Martha Stewart.
  7. My friend Laurie from the Frozen Tundra is coming to visit tomorrow! So excited! This means that Funny Friday may turn into Recap Monday, because we are going to be busy this weekend. We're going to be traipsing all over the western half of the state and playing tourists. Such fun! So in advance, happy Friday!

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  1. Awwww I remember that wall. Have fun with your friend!