Saturday, August 31, 2013

Travel Journal: Saturday

Welcome back to the Travel Journal! Days are skipped and mixed up, vacations taken randomly, and this blogger sighs and rolls her eyes and attempts to remember what happened 3 weeks ago.

Thankfully, Saturday was kind of a lazy day. We had bicycles...and a headache. There may have been some jet lag going on {4 hour time difference- who are we kidding!? Of course there was jet lag!} and also I suspect some allergies/sinus pressure. TMI? Sorry. The point is, we kept it low-key until the afternoon.

After a lunch of granola bars and canned fruit {breakfast  lunch of champions, right?}, we hopped on our fun bicycles and headed to Charlottetown. What an adventure! Biking is fun because, ya know, neither Dahlia nor I have biked since we were wee lasses... otherwise known as teenagers.*ahem*

What's really fun is re-learning to bike while looking at a map. Or rather, re-learning how to stand still on the ground with a bike underneath you while looking at a map and trying not to look like a goober. Mission sorta accomplished.

Anyway, Downtown Charlottetown is quite lovely! There's a mall, a couple used-book stores, the waterfront, and oodles of yummy restaurants and cafes. Oh, and there's a basilica! A real live basilica, just like we were in Europe!

Isn't that incredible!?

Anyway, we decided to try an Italian restaurant for dinner. Best. Idea. Ever.

We didn't get a picture of the appetizer-bread because...we ate it too fast. It was The Best Focaccia Bread Ever. I think it was two inches thick, maybe three. See the black plate in the background? Oil and balsamic vinegar, baby. Heck to the yeah.

Now that you're all drooling, here's a funny story. We split a pizza and had leftovers, and just as we were heading home, a huge black cloud rolled in. Oh no, we thought, we'll be biking home in the rain. In order to avoid a soggy box of soggy pizza, I asked the nice waitress if she had a plastic bag we could put it in. Here's our conversation:
Bek: Excuse me, do you have a bag we can put this {box of pizza} in?
Waitress: Sure, here ya go.
Bek: Thanks so much. We're biking home, so...
Waitress: Oh, God-looove-ya! Have a bag!
Just got a Canadian blessing. Victory.

Thankfully, it didn't rain, so we did not have a soggy box of soggy pizza. We were very glad of this, and so celebrated by watching The Patriot. Because that's a typical Canadian movie?? Idk. Moving on.

Well, that was Saturday! Tune in tomorrow to hear about Sunday's great adventures, which include losing a church, a picnic, and more Cows ice cream! :)

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