Friday, August 23, 2013

Travel Journal: Friday

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Three goals for Friday: locate The Guild theater for the show in the evening, walk on Singing Sands, and return the rental car... another mode of transportation was also on our list, but if nothing came up, we had our feet. :)

In order to accomplish Goal One, we drove to Downtown Charlottetown. It's really, really cute! But it was slightly drizzling and we were tired and there was no parking and THERE'S THE THEATER but now we have to turn around and park and buy a bus pass maybe and ei yi yi.

Long story short, we parked and went to a pharmacy to a) purchase bus passes and b) inquire about renting bicycles. Both were accomplished, and we were soon setting off to find McQueen's Bike Shop, located "about 4 blocks down Queen Street."

Let me tell you, those Canadians are sweet and friendly, but distance-estimating isn't their thing. We went about 5 blocks and were about ready to give up when we asked a passing guy if we were remotely close to McQueen's on Queen's, and he told us, "yeah, about 4 blocks down." Oi.

Anyway, we found the bike shop and were able to rent a couple bikes for a good deal.Here's a funny story: I had to go back inside to have my seat lowered. Here is my conversation with the bike dude:

Bek: Hey, since I have short midget legs, can I get my seat lowered?
Bike Dude: Yeah, sure, got the tool right here. How's her {Dahlia's} saddle working for her?
Bek: {slightly distracted by the use of the word "saddle"} Oh, it's fine. Her legs are 6 inches longer than mine anyway.

Here are our cute bikes! Note the baskets in front! And my bike had a wannabe bell.

Well, we rode back to our parked car... and the trouble started. The tires of the bikes were wider than the car's hatch. Somehow we managed to wiggle, push, curse, and maneuver our bikes into the back of the car. Never again.

Well, with 2 goals accomplished already {1.5 technically}, we set off down the road in search of Singing Sands. We had lunch at a great seafood place {the only seafood we had the whole trip, even though we were on an ISLAND!} and it was quite delightful. They had blueberry juice...fabulous!

And the chowder... really, really good! I teased Dahlia about being a "foodie" because she took pictures of all our food, but really, can you blame her? Look at that yumminess!

Those french fries were especially enjoyable.

After our lunch, we continued on our way. As mentioned above, Canadians {or maybe it's just Islanders} are not particularly good at directions or highway signs. So we were cautiously optimistic when we approached the place where our map told us we should see Singing Sands. We drove down approximately 5 dirt roads, thinking they would take us to the beach, but it was all to no avail.

Enjoy this map and note the right side for our location. Basically between Souris and East Point, the coast has sand that sings.


We did, however, reach the eastern-most part of the Island! Dahlia faithfully recorded these moments.

Another lighthouse! :)

I made a friend...

...and then Dahlia got friendly too.

Once inside the Cafe that my "friend" is directing us towards, I asked the lady behind the counter for some help. We only had a couple hours before we needed to return the rental car, and our hearts truly desired to hear some sand sing. These were her directions, no joke.

If you want to go to the popular beach, go down to Souris and turn at the top of the hill. Or, if you want the easiest way... hmm. Did you see the sign for Elmira Road? Well, just past that is a General Store. There's a road right there that will take you to the beach. Good luck!
Oi stinking vey.  So we figured if we found said road by said General Store, we would try it; otherwise, we had to head back. So off we went, and we actually did find the road! It was right next to 2 other roads that we had tried, but it actually looked more like a driveway, so we hadn't tried it. Rats.

I think part of the Anne movies were filmed on Singing Sand. It's perfect!

And the ocean! Ah!!

Once again, a feet picture proving we were there together ;)

We went home to return the car happily, because we had found Singing Sand. It really does sing, too, bee tee dubs. You have to run on it, not walk. Speed is of the essence...

Friday night was a performance of "Anne and Gilbert" and it was SO well done!!! So wonderful. We were singing its songs for the rest of our trip {and even at Family Camp!}. Here is Dahlia and me at the show:

All dressed up!

If you ever have the chance to go see this play, GO! It's really magnificent.

Here's the song we sang all week: Gilbert Loves Anne of Green Gables

When I go over this trip in more detail, I will share with you our taxi adventures to and from this show. Maybe tomorrow, since Saturday was...well, I'll let you find out tomorrow :)

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