Friday, April 12, 2013

Funny Friday-Football Edition

First of all, I'm totally not into sports, but I do know that it is baseball season, not football season. Thank you. I am aware.

Alright, onto the story.

Previously in my life {Miranda reference, anyone?} my high school teacher told us stories of her Powder Puff Football games and how she was a beast at it in college. When I entered college, my knowledge of football covered these areas:

  1. There is a game called football.
  2. There is a version called flag football.
  3. There is a version called powder puff football {does that remind anyone else of the Powerpuff Girls? No? Just me. Awesome.}
Seriously, that's it. I could identify a football and I know that the teams try to make touchdowns. They wear helmets and tights, and they play in the snow. 

With this knowledge in my head, I went off to college. My school's football team has been undefeated since like the 1930s, mainly because we haven't had a team since then. Butforrealztho!

My lovely and kind friend texted me and said "Would you like to join our Fantasy Football team? We need one more player." 
I think to myself, well, why not? So I text her back: "I've never played before, but sure, why not?"
She responds: "Great! Just send me your email address and we'll get you set up!"
Email address? Why would she need my email address to play football? Probably to send the costume details...

Yes, friends. I thought that Fantasy Football meant that players dressed up as "fantasy" characters and played football like that. I imagined a field filled with Gandalf, Aslan, the Wicked Witch of the West, Tinkerbell, and other fantastical beings. Never in my mind did I equate "fantasy football" with "my imaginary team managed online and played against my friends' imaginary teams but the points are based on actual games by actual players." Nope. Never got that. Guess my years on stage got me hooked on costumes.

I think I'll leave you with that. You are probably correctly assuming that my friends and I burst out belly-laughing over that one. We still do, and you can laugh, too; it's ok. Have a good weekend!


  1. Oh my WORD, REBEKAH! I am CRACKING UP!!! Soooo funny. And it's brave of you to share that. Hahahaha!