Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Travel Journal, Two Weeks Later


There's no place like home!

Also, there's no place like Prince Edward Island. Or Green Gables.


Isn't it gorgeous!? Come on!

My goal this week is to post kind of a day-by-day travel journal as if I was there now {or blogging two weeks ago!}. Both Tuesdays were travel days, so I will share the few pictures from our flights.

                                  courtesy of Dahlia

Dahlia has a knack for starting with pretzels and ending with letters...obviously we had some long flights!

And here is the view of the sunrise from our airport seat. Dahlia took this picture as well.

Now that you've got the travel pictures, how about some travel facts? Here goes:

  • We flew 6,421 miles round trip.
  • We spent approximately 14 hours in the air {this excludes our 3 layovers}.
  • Together, we consumed basically a gallon of apple juice and a half gallon of cranberry juice. Someone likes to mix her fruit juices...
  • Sleeping occupied us for about 2% of our flights; the rest was trying to sleep. Just kidding...sort of. We read, talked, looked out the window, filled out customs forms, and watched a couple movies. Oh, and Top Chef Masters was on. I secretly really like that show...shh!
  • Both of our travel days started with 7 am flights, hence the picture of the sunrise. We were too excited to sleep on our way to PEI, but thankfully our flight back to the States was just long enough for a REM cycle. We landed feeling refreshed and ready to go through customs and security.
Well, Tuesdays were momentous days because we went places, but picture-wise, they were pretty boring. Tomorrow, however, holds plenty of promise :)


  1. Great post, can't wait for tomorrow. :-)

  2. This is a fun idea! Do you need me to send you our travel notes?

    1. Thanks! That would be wonderful.... or you can comment and fill in as necessary. I might need more of your pictures later on :)