Thursday, August 29, 2013


Oh. Hey there.

 *awkward pause*

*eye contact avoided*

Well, sorry for skipping out of the Travel Journal. Really, it was going along great {thanks for all your comments!} when unexpectedly suddenly randomly my family left on vacation. Oops. I had been so looking forward to the PEI trip that I honestly hadn't planned farther ahead.

Don't worry. I won't leave you hanging! Saturday is the day I left off, and Saturday is the day I should be able to pick back up. Have faith.

In other news, I started making this cool Tardis purse with a crochet pattern. The first step was 40 stitches for 30 rows...otherwise known as sucking my life away while I make this thing. But never fear! I'm a mere 4 rows away from finishing...the first 30 rows. Sigh. Anyway, the moral of this story is that I read the rest of the pattern, and the purse requires sewing. Snap. I don't sew. I crochet in order to not sew! Jeepers. We'll see how it goes. I may or may not mention this ever ever again. Don't bring it up if I don't. Lol jk for realz.

Is there a way to finish this post notawkwardly? Potentially. Enter the amazing skills of Pinterest. Here, laugh at this while I slink away and hit "post." Juuuuust kidding... not. Ahem.

so funny!
                          Pinterest is being a poo-head...    

I laughed at this a little longer than I should have.
           ...and won't tell me where to find these two images.
Think of the puppies!
Last one, I promise...


  1. I want pictures of that purse by next week all finished and with sparkles. Or so help me...


    1. Haha, the worst part is that I actually took out all the stitches and started over. Yes I did. Sigh. But what else was I supposed to do during a 14 hour car ride home?
      I can show you the link though, so help me... ;)