Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Travel Journal: Wednesday

Well, first let me bring you up to speed with Tuesday night: We arrived.
Here is our hotel room:
This is the view from my bed… the front door is on the right.

Here’s Dahlia journaling about our travels. She really was the best at journaling on this trip; I just pretended ;)

Ok, so we got there and went to bed. Thus ended the first Tuesday.

Wednesday we dragged ourselves out of bed {4 hour time change…ugh!} and went to breakfast in the office of the hotel, then we walked across the street to the airport in order to pick up our rental car. Full tank of gas = good to go!

Our goal was to go to Cavendish, which is believed to be what L. M. Montgomery {or Maud, since we’re on a first-name-basis} turned into Avonlea. But first, we stumbled upon The Great Canadian Soap Company! They make soap with goats’ milk- how cool is that!?

So we continued on our journey to Green Gables. After following a map and the highway signs {these signs would say “Highway 2 RIGHT” and then when you get to the right, there would be no mention of Highway 2; just the name of the road. Confusing!}, we finally made it! Here is our first sight:

Isn’t it gorgeous!?!?!?!

Once there, we tasted Raspberry Cordial!
Please note that Anne’s face is on the bottle. It’s legit.

Then we took a tour- such fun! We went in the house {more pictures to come} and then walked around the grounds… as in, we went in the Haunted Wood and walked down Lovers’ Lane! Gah. The nerd-dom is killing me, even now!


Here Dahlia is haunting the Haunted Wood.

After visiting Green Gables {which actually was Maud’s great-uncle’s place!}, we had lunch at this fabulous place called “The Sandbox.” We took a picture outside, and Dahlia audibly wished “…that there was a way to make {my} head bigger.” Thanks.

After lunch, we decided to head back to the one stoplight in Cavendish and find Maud’s grave. What an adventure. I will come back and share this story at a later point in time, I promise! And to guarantee that I will keep my promise, here’s a picture of not her gravestone.

We had planned from the beginning to go to Wednesday Evening with Lucy Maud, which was really fun! Getting there was another adventure, and the person we met there was quite the character. But since I wanted to put pictures in this post, so you get pictures today, adventure-stories another time. Cross my heart.

Anyway, we made it all over the Island! And we made it back to our hotel at the end of the day, so points for us!

Can’t wait to share more with you tomorrow, and to share more about Wednesday’s adventures! Perhaps this one week trip will take up two weeks of “journaling!”

***I promise that you will get all the details! My plans for this evening had to be modified, so this isn’t as in-depth as I was planning, but let’s just spread the fun out another week! Thanks for your patience.***

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