Thursday, August 22, 2013

Travel Journal: Thursday

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I think Thursday was the day that we said, “Let’s wake up early and get a move on!” and then we woke up at the time we wanted to leave… yeah. But at least we weren’t tired!

At Bideford Parsonage Museum, we asked for recommendations to go see a lighthouse, and a couple different ladies told us to go to Victoria-By-The-Sea. No joke, that’s the name of the town! Isn’t it cute?! So we started Thursday by visiting Victoria-By-The-Sea. We toured the out-of-use lighthouse, shopped in a glass artist’s shop, and tasted some chocolate from the chocolate factory!
Isn’t that lovely!?

In between, we passed some lovely little sights, such as…

…the town hall

…PEI’s biggest tree

…and this cute hotel!

After being thoroughly delighted with Victoria, we headed across the Island to tour the Cavendish Boardwalk.

In case the first sign didn’t catch your attention, THERE’S A SHARK IN THEIR ROOF!

After tasting COWS Creamery Ice Cream {the best ice cream in Canada!}, we headed down the road to Avonlea Village.

We watched Anne and Diana have “tea” together, listened to a maritime band, and went on a wagon ride!

sorry for the blurriness of this image :(
The driver of this wagon was quite nice. We were waiting for our turn and he said to us, “Two lovely ladies with a beautiful view behind them and it’s a gorgeous day…what more do I need?” He was a nice old man- never you fear about creepers!
It was also cute that the horses were trained to start moving not with a “giddyup” or a slap of the reins, but with kissing noises! Cute.

The musicians we watched were very, very talented, and the leader announced that they would be performing a ceilidh {pronounced “kay-lee” with a bit of an Irish accent} later that evening.

I was thrilled! This was one of the things I had read about, and here we had already heard the talent of the musicians, so now we had to go! We had some time to kill though, so here are some pictures from our evening.

In case you doubted Anne, the roads really are RED!

We found a quaint little town village nearby and explored the dock.

Because we had, thus far, no picture with both of us in it…
…here’s proof that we went together!

And here’s more proof… also indication that we paid for our visit to Avonlea.

Isn’t this village beautiful {albeit run-down}?

Finally, it was time for the ceilidh. We paid our $10 and got a seat along the wall. Then…we were lost in the wonderfulness of the music. These people are so, so talented! I only got a couple pictures because after a while, I gave up. So here are the two pictures from this evening:


The guy in the middle played accordion, guitar, and piano. The guy on the left played guitar and fiddle. The lady played the violin the whole night, but she didn’t need to play anything else. It was so amazing.

Oh, they also had a girl come and step dance to a couple songs… basically river dance, but as a solo. Then that same girl sang a song for us. And the violin lady’s dad joined the performers with his trumpet? horn? Dahlia will help me remember. Anyway, talented group of people!

After this fine performance, we drove home and collapsed in our beds. Thursday was wonderful!

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  1. He played the trumpet. :) Great job! Keep it up.