Monday, August 5, 2013

All Moved Out And Ready to Rock

Well, we moved! Samara and I both said that Saturday was way less stressful than we had anticipated, and we got a lot more done than we had planned. Score and score!

Our place may or may not look like this for a while...


...but at least there was none of this:

All in all, success!

Now that all that moving in and getting settled business is behind us {HA!}, I'm outta here. Actually, I really am. Dahlia and I are going to Prince Edward Island tomorrow! Augh!!! So excited!!! We're going to tour Green Gables and have tea with Maud and tour museums and check out the red roads and see two different musicals and basically have the best time ever in the history of good times. Stand back!

However, this trip really sneaked up on me... I'm not packed yet. That is how not prepared I am.

You can find me here on top of my suitcase tonight, thanks, see ya then.

Oh yeah, and after our little Canadian excursion, it's our church's Family Camp... as in, no blog posts :( Sorry to keep you all waiting, but I promise that pictures will be up as soon as possible and you will see both our new place and the adventures in Canada.

Until then, bon voyage!

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