Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes + Funny Friday

I'm going to attempt to bring some humor into my 7 Quick Takes, thus killing two birds with one stone, or rather accomplishing two goals with one post. I really didn't have to spell that out; you guys are smart and get my metaphors...I hope.

Jumping right in and away from the train wreck of a first paragraph...

1. Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock

In case you've been living under a stupid rock caught unaware, Sherlock airs in the US this Sunday at 9:58pm, immediately after Downton Abbey. Click the image link to find local channel information, watch the past two seasons {it only takes 9 hours!}, and to see special previews. Do it now.

2. I've checked out a few other 7QT this morning, and literally every single one of them mentioned running. I don't understand it, to be honest. 
3. What I can understand, however, is Zumba. And Zumba understands me. Most of the time. 

4. Relevant Magazine has been wowing me recently. There's this little nugget which is totes approp considering I'm basically at one of life's milestones.  And this list is encouraging in the "way to go, you're on the right track" way and inspiring in the "keep moving in this direction" way. I don't know if those descriptions make any sense, but read the article and hope for the best, ok?

5. Need something sweet in your day? Watch this Peter Pan proposal...break out the tissues first!

6. Do you guys like reading about personality types like I do? Here are two fun pieces to look at: first, fictional characters representing each of the Myers-Briggs types. Secondly, here's an infograph demonstrating income by personality type. Fascinating!

7. In case running really is your thing and in case you hate Zumba or in case you were expecting a real life funny story, read this tweet from my flatmate. She actually said this in conversation while describing a movie. As soon as we realized what she said, we both collapsed on the floor laughing. Literally, we both dropped to the floor. Obviously, we are both hysterical. Try and rein in your jealousy that I get to live with my bff

Linking up with Conversation Diary for 7 Quick Takes. Happy Friday!


  1. Bwahahaha love the zumba thing! Do you have a favorite DVD of it? I've been looking for one :-) And I love personality types! What are you? I'm a isfj, so I'm predicted to be on the poorer side. Haha.

    1. Isn't it great!? :) I actually go to a class put on in my community; I've yet to find anything from that is decent to follow along with. I haven't checked anywhere else though. Hope you find one!
      I am an ESTJ, which means I am Boromir and gonna make loads ;) Who was your fictional character "twin"?