Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Folks, if you were wondering what makes Bek grumpy, it’s waiting and inactivity. I hate not being able to move forward on things. Like what things? Like expedite the process of growing up and moving out. Like not living with grandparents. Like not planning things because the day on the calendar isn’t the day to begin planning. Like counting down oh-so-slowly until fun trips.
The good news is, things are moving forward, even though you wouldn’t know it from my grumpiness. The grumpiness actually comes from things moving forward, but at a snail’s pace….actually, at a crippled snail’s pace…it’s killing me.
And because of this grumpiness and waiting season and other busy-ness, I have not written a review for either Man of Steel or Warm Bodies. Even though I’ve thought about writing them several times, nothing has materialized. I should just make myself write one, so here goes.

Man of Steel
My review is going to be divided into two parts: shallow and deep. Just roll with it, and see above paragraphs if you need help understanding what’s going on in my head right now.
  • I really liked the character development. I thought they did a great job with Clark and Lois’ relationship, and I liked how they protected each other and then grew into romance. I appreciated that it wasn’t flirtation the whole time.
  • Also on that note, Amy Adams was great as Lois. She’s totes adorbs.
  • Let’s be honest: Henry Cavill is nice to look at. Definitely a plus in my book ;)

    Also- does he look familiar? Recognize him now?

    Why yes, you are the son of the Count of Monte Cristo!
  • One of the only things I didn’t really like was part of the cinematography. There were more than a dozen wide pans and then a visual jerk into a zoom in order to focus on something in that big picture. Could have cut out the majority; the repetition made me think that the camera guy was a one-trick pony.
  • Two words: Hans Zimmer. Amazing.
  • Definitely not a chick flick…I would have cut the battle scenes in half, personally, but that’s just me…or maybe it’s because I sat too close to the screen.
  • It was really cool to think about the way the Kryptonites created every person with a purpose, and how that played out. I won’t discuss it here {again, see above paragraphs} as fully as it should be, but if you’ve seen it, tell me what you think!
  • I loved how Clark had to wrestle with his identity and purpose and place.
  • After Clark encountered his father’s consciousness and returned to tell his mom about it, I love that he reaffirmed both her status as his mom and his love for her. Love it.
  • One of my favorite aspects is Clark’s relationship with his earthly father {Kevin Costner’s character}. I love that he trusts his dad enough to obey. I love that his father loves him enough to sacrifice. I love how his dad speaks identity into Clark, and is always vocalizing his love and respect.
Alright, homies, that’s what I think. And now I feel a lot better. Thanks for listening, friends.

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