Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Few Favorite Things

On the days that it's hard to regain consciousness wake up get out of bed, thinking of favorite things is necessary. And no more introduction is possible necessary because favorite things speaks for itself...and sings for itself. Sound of Music anyone??

moving on to this mystical list...

  • Book Club tonight {we're reading Lady in Waiting and discussing it & it's FANTASTIC! a bit cheesy, but our discussions more than make up for that}
  • good hair days...currently styling a ballet bun, which was surprisingly easy to put in {thanks, Mom, for those hundred years stabbing my head with bobby pins-4 is totes not a lot to this scarred scalp}
  • birth stories...this is sorta weird, but I love reading or hearing birth stories, and last week I found a few good ones! Don't read if a) this weirds you out or b) you're in a quiet place like a library, because you will be LOL-ing for real on a couple of these. Camp Patton- Theo & Hysterical-Prepare to tinkle your pants
  • trip planning! Dahlia and I are going to Prince Edward Island in August, and the other night we had a 2-hours-long conversation regarding this. Dahls is a champ and made an itinerary of our trip, and then we reviewed the things that needed finalizing and purchased things that needed purchasing, like tickets to these wonderful shows: Anne of Green Gables the Musical and Anne and Gilbert: the Musical. You can be jealous at any time now :)
  • Introducing Sister E to Doctor Who...definitely a good thing! Gotta say, for being filmed in 2005, the first episode definitely has a 90s feel to it. Good ol' Britain! :)
  • phone dates with AJ! Heck to the yeah, we're going to talk tonight! Maybe even use technology to see each other's faces...depends on how nice my technologically-advanced sisters are tonight...
And that, friends, are a few of my favorite things at this moment. Oh, add Taylor Swift to this list. She's totes adorbs, too. 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You're enjoying Taylor Swift? This bodes well for our place ;)

    [Can you say dance partay?!?]

  2. Umm, I don't think we've ever talked about this but you must read "Baby Catcher." Totes great birth stories, but prepare for a bit of drama. But totes worth the read.