Friday, June 7, 2013

Funny Friday- Bird Edition

I totes meant to post this on Tuesday when it actually happened, but ce la vie....and stuff. See how good my French is? So sad. 15 years of ballet and I can't even speak a complete sentence.

moving on...

So, Bird Edition. First of all, on Tuesday, I think that Mom and Sister P and I all said "put a bird on it" like 467 times total. If you have not seen this yet, please watch it...and then go put a bird on things! you tubin' here, yo
{P.S. if someone could tell me how to put the clip here on this very blog page, that would be wonderful. Please and thank you.}

Second part of Bird Edition: The weather has been fabulous this week, and so I went on a walk around the parking lot during my lunch break. And there was a dead bird on the ground. Grossness. I did not kill it or step in it. You're welcome for those almost-graphic details.

Third part of Bird Edition: Because of said-lovely-weather, my fam dined outside on the deck. And then I heard a *thunk* by one of the windows, but I didn't see anything. At first I thought my dad was home from work but had moved into the kitchen...and then there was a *thunk* on the kitchen window, and there was a bird in the house! Seriously, just like the Portlandia video {that I'm linking again} the bird was flying all over the place! Thankfully Mom was able to direct the creature out of the curtains and into the great wild blue yonder...of outside, not of our living room. Like a boss, Mom, like a boss.

Happy Friday, y'all, and be nice to birds.


  1. You're so funny! Love those vids!'s what you gotta do:
    Go to the YouTube video. Click embed...copy the embed code and paste it on a blank blog post...Voila! :)

  2. Ash already explained the embedded thing... I was just gonna say, the French thing is "C'est la vie" ;)

  3. Thanks, ladies! I feel so much smarter with you as friends :)