Monday, June 3, 2013

Brain Blip

You know it's a Monday when... go to type "brain blip" as your title and type "brian" instead....yep

I totes had a post planned for Friday, and it was going to be really funny! But alas, I started working on a project for Victoria {ok guys, for realz- she's amazing, she's my friend, and I sometimes get to work with her! Totes fun!} and the Funny Friday post just didn't happen. Sorry, peeps.

So instead of posting about something deep and intense and serious, I'll be trying out something called "7 Quick Takes" which means you get to read my mind in 7 areas....more realistically, I'll be sharing my thoughts about 7 random things, and when you put the number in the heading, it makes it not random but official and bloggy-sounding. So there. Beat that with a stick. Except I don't know if I'll make it to 7...this is so totally a Monday, it's not even funny. But I'll do my best to overcome.

1. Anyone know any good ways to take off nail polish and get EVERYTHING off? Is there some natural way to do it, or some magic cotton balls you have to use to get it all off? Please share your secrets!

2. Wow, that was a lame #1. What a start we are off to... and now I better think of something quick so #2 doesn't flop also....deodorant is the only thing that comes to mind, so I guess we're going for a hardcore belly flop. Go big or go home.

3. Mom and I have watched 3 episodes of Call the Midwife, Season 2. Augh! So many changes! I won't divulge spoilers, but if you're watching, let me know where in the season you are!

4. Oh yeah, so that totes British takeover post last week? I really don't know how I left off Doctor Who... well, I do. I'm trying to save my episodes and find other things to fill my time {hence, CTM and other British shows that are not as emotionally involved}. But seriously...David Tennant. Totes adorbs.


Butforrealztho....oh yeah, AJ, he's Scottish, complete with accent :D

5. How to compete with David Tennant? Let's not even try and purposely aim low. My bestie and I went to Target yesterday and bought a tea towel for our future place together. No, we don't have a place yet. Yes, we bought it anyway. We bought the teal one with forks, because we're mature like that.

6. My friend Dahlia is having a birthday party this weekend. So exciting! I got something for her last night at Target, but of course I can't say what.
I did warn her that I might buy this for her....she begged me not to, but I may not be able to help myself :)
If you think im cute you should see my aunt Do you wanna be my Uncle Onesie Baby Bodysuit Romper Creeper or Shirt cute baby gift under 20
                       buy it for Dahlia here source

7. Just found this on Pretty much sums up today.

Happy Monday!


  1. 1. The key, I've found is you MUST do a clear coat first. Otherwise, the color stains and entrenches itself in your nails.

  2. Samara- good to note. I'll try that too. :)
    BG- thanks for the shout out! :) you know, I like Scottish/Irish! :) ;)