Monday, June 17, 2013

Funny Friday Fail, and Happy Father's Day

Sorry, guys... Funny Friday just didn't happen last week. But I will try and make it up to you with TWO funny stories this week!

Also, in case there was any confusion, I happen to have THE best dad ever, and he had a great Father's Day, thanks for asking. :)

The fam {yes, the whole fam! Wonder of wonders!} went to see Man of Steel. The reviewer in our newspaper here didn't like it, but he must have had Grouchy Burgers for lunch before seeing it. The film was really, really good. And Hans Zimmer did the score, so of course that was AMAZING. I want to organize my thoughts about the film and post sometime, so stay tuned for that.

So, yes, the whole fam is home. Sister J came home from the Big Bad B-ham on Friday, and then Sister E's host family went on a trip, so she's staying with us for most of the week. Can you say SISTER REUNION!?!?!? You know it! When the 4 of us are together, fun things happen. For. Realz. I don't know if you guys know this, but in addition to having the best dad ever, I also have the best sisters in the history of sisterhood.
 Little Women? Got nothing on us.
Fiddler on the Roof? They have one mere song together!
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood? They're not even related!
Finding Nemo? Doesn't have a sister!
Ok that last one was a bit over the top. Sorry. But seriously, my sisters are the bomb dot com!

And in case my mom feels left out, she's the best mom ever. As in, she laughs at us more than we laugh at us. She's that cool.

So yeah. Basically, you can be super jealous of my family, because we're awesome. I mean, judge us by our hair alone and we are still awesome.But don't actually use this picture. Or just judge by Sister P's hair in this picture...

***several minutes hours minutes-that-feel-like-hours later***

Do you know how hard it is to capture awesomeness on camera? Yeah, and then multiply that by 4 and try and find one good, recent, fabulous-hair-for-everyone picture with all of us...and then curl up into the fetal position and surrender. That's what I thought.

Anyway, one of these days we'll take a picture of the fam where everyone's hair is wonderful and there are no Christmas sweaters or picnic plates to be found. Until then, just enjoy this video of sisterly love. {Thanks Ash for teaching me how to embed the vid!}


  1. Bek!! You are hilarious! I love rediscovering your blog! Sister P's hair did change my life. All your hair is fantastic. I agree, the score for Man of Steel was incredible! And the story was inventive. However, I found the writing mediocre at best. It jumped around too much. BUT, I'm excited to hear more of your thoughts!!

  2. I am laughing! You are so funny & that trust fall vid is killing me! LOL!!