Thursday, September 1, 2011

They Notice!

For my marketing major, I’m taking a class called Consumer Behavior. It’s a fun class so far, and I've had the teacher a few times before, so I’m comfortable, and there are friends also in the class. And it’s for marketing! It’s fun!

This weekend, the class was assigned to read Chapter 3. The previous chapter was about culture in general; this chapter is about specifically the values of a culture. The first value the book discusses? Religious/Secular values. Here’s the part that just kinda hit me with, whoa, you noticed?

“Their [conservatives] consumption patterns include both positive consumption {purchasing religious objects and books} and negative consumption {avoiding or boycotting products and companies}. And when it comes to key policy issues such as abortion, gay rights, the death penalty, and welfare, devoutly religious consumers are becoming less tolerant of compromise by elected officials.”

YES! I love hearing that conservatives are noticed! Now, the book may not mean that in a flattering or complimentary way, but I sure am going to take it as a compliment! I’m glad, proud even, that as a whole, conservatives are holding our elected officials to account. Thank you, McGraw-Hill Publishing! What an encouragement this evening! :)

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