Friday, August 26, 2011

Uhhh…. it’s been a while…

Crazy recap time! Let’s see, the past two weeks in a nutshell.

Two Sundays ago, some friends and I went to see Les Miserables. GAH!!!! So incredible. It was a wonderful time with my girlfriends, and we even had crepes for dinner- how french! Here is a pic of the sign outside the theater, courtesy of Char.

Then I started packing… and packing. I was packing for 1) heading back to school and 2) Family Camp with my church. So there was a lot of packing!

Wednesday, my sisters and a friend drove up to Family Camp- it’s about an hour north of our home. It was fun to ride with my friend, because we have that great kind of relationship that if neither one of us is talking, we’re still comfortable. But since her sister just became engaged, there wasn't a whole lot of silence. ;)

Camp was WONDERFUL! I missed it last year due to Orientation for school, and I honestly had forgotten how marvelous it is to be literally surrounded by people you know and love. And our guest speaker was amazing as well. All around, a grand time. Sadly, I don’t think I took any pictures the entire time… you can see from this blog how usually I’m never separated from my camera… oh, wait.

Saturday evening, my parents and two sisters and I drove home. Then I finished packing {mainly putting dirty clothes into a separate bag} and realized I had left my wallet {meaning my driver’s license, my debit card, and, most importantly, my student I.D.} in my sister’s car at camp. Oi. Mom dug out my passport and Dad promised to mail my wallet as soon as it got back to the house. Phew. Crisis averted.

Bright and early… actually, it wasn't yet bright. It was just early. Early on Sunday morning, my parents drove me to the airport, waited through the LOOOONG line to check my bag, and then said goodbye. Sigh.
I had two carry-on bags, and as I was trying to open my new headphones, I heard the flight attendant say that if people wanted to gate-check their bags, they could pick them up at their final destination. Score! I went over to the desk immediately and got the sticker on my bag, and then I got to board early. Sweet! So it was very nice for me not to have 2 bags to worry about, especially since they both rolled = awkward! Praise Jesus for free gate-check!

Anyway, flights were pretty uneventful… I dozed most of the way and read for a bit. I landed 5 minutes early, and my ride was already waiting for me! She took me to my stuff, which was being stored at a church friend’s house. They were having small group at another family’s house, and so there were TONS of kids on the sidewalk riding bikes and scooters and skateboards all over, and my friends were there! Ahh… it was so great to see all these people!

Monday was Group Advising Sessions, which basically meant an hour of hanging out with the freshmen in my group. The instructor and I met before the meeting, and I’m really excited about this semester. The students look like a good group, maybe a little overloaded on information at the time {who isn't after 3 days of orientation!?} but overall a fun group.

Tuesday was TA Training, and I have several friends who are doing the same job as me, so it was great to go to different training sessions and entertain each other. Lunch was catered by the local Italian restaurant- ohmylanta, it was amazing. I had fettuccine Alfredo with chicken, plus they gave us a “bread stick” which was really like 3 rolls baked together… and the famous pop out here- in a glass bottle- can it get better???

Yes- they had ice cream for dessert. Heck yeah I love being a TA! :)

Wednesday was the first day of classes! Augh! LAST first day of school!!! Woot!
It went very well… I know at least one person in every class, which is so nice.

Thursday, I just had one class {GSTR 410-meh}, and I checked the schedule; the class is in Presser Hall, which is the Music building. I thought, weird, and there’s no room number, so I thought maybe it was in the concert hall. I head over there with time to spare, and there’s no other classmates that I recognize. I ask the lady in the office, and she doesn't have my class listed as being in the building. Uh oh. So she lets me check my schedule according to my class list, and I find out the class is in the Science building. Across campus. And it’s 5 til. Blast.

I was only a few minutes late, and the two guys that I knew in the class were giving me weird looks, because they know I’m usually on top of it. The instructor finishes taking roll, and then says, I don’t like this classroom. Let’s meet in the Art building, Room xxx in say, 15 minutes? And I’m like, great, let’s hike all over the place! Haha. So as soon as we’re out of the classroom, one of the guys is like, what’s the story? Cuz I knew as soon as you weren't here that there would be a story. Haha, thank you, I’ll be here all semester. :-p Anyway, the class was fine, and those two guys and I are gonna try and be a group for our big project. It should be fine.

Today is free!!!! That’s right- I have Fridays off. Score! It pays to be a senior. :D
Well, you pay in homework, which is what I should do. Thanks for reading my ramblings! Peace out, yo!

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