Friday, September 23, 2011

Update & Alphabet :)

Thanks again for praying about yesterday’s convocation. It was a frustrating lecture, because he would say something, quoting another author or scholar, then leave the implication there, but quickly end with “I didn’t say that!” or “Of course this isn't what I mean, but…” and of course the implications are just left there in the minds of the audience. Grr. Frustrating! But there were friends of mine handing out tracts that asked “Do you know the real Jesus?” so it was good.

Oh. Did I forget to mention that the gentleman spoke about “the real Jesus”? Oops. That’s what he spoke about, and that’s why there were a few of us who were concerned, because he obviously does not know the real Jesus; he knows an academic, explainable, only-human, non-redemptive Jesus. But I pray that he will come to know the real, all-powerful, life-changing, sin-forgiving, Cross-dying, resurrected Jesus!

On a lighter note, I’m following Kelli’s idea and am having a “Get to Know the Alphabet of Bek!” :) To see Kelli’s alphabet, follow the link here.

A. Age: 22
B. Bed size: twin. Dorm-room twin. Sigh.
C. Chore that I hate: cleaning the bathroom…I’ll do laundry or dishes till the cows come home, but please don’t put me in the bathroom!
D. Dream house: something that has a kitchen to fit my quirks, a big laundry room, and a wrap-around porch with a swing {the Southern porch swings are getting to me!}
E. Essential start to my day: time with Jesus!!!!!!!
F. Favorite Color: hot freaking pink. oh yeah
G. Gold or Silver: depends on the outfit :)
H. Height: 5’5'” on my driver’s license… really like 5’4".5”
I. Instruments I play: I used to play classical piano… now I play homework
J. Job Title: Peer Leader/Teacher’s Assistant {yes, there are bunches of people at school who walk around with that job title} and my other job is Student Records Aide
K. Kids: well, eventually!
L. Live: in my dorm :)
M. Mother’s Name: um, Mom? Well, sometimes I call her Ma
N. Nickname: whoa there, that’s personal… well, some of them are. The main ones are Bek and Beks and Bekah… pretty typical
O. Overnight hospital stays: if you count my mom’s C-section with me; other than that, no, praise God
P. Pet peeves: drivers who use their turn signal but obviously aren't turning… don’t they hear the little blinky sound????
Q. Quote from a movie: “Hairy legs are your only link to reality.”
R. Right or left handed: Right… I can deal cards with my left hand, and that is all.
S. Siblings: 3 awesome and amazing sisters! Woot!
T. Trick: um, I don’t really do tricks, but I can tell jokes!
U. Underwear: yes, please! On rather than off!
V. Vegetable I hate: hmm… I like veggies… Can I do fruit? I’m not a fan of cantaloupe
W. What makes me run late: oversleeping! Or talking…
X. X-rays: when I broke my wrist in 4th grade, when I was hit by a car last year, and when I had braces
Y. Yummy food that I make: I got really excited when I saw “yummy food” and I thought, how am I ever going to choose? And then I read “that I make” and I thought, darn! Does popcorn count?
Z. Zoo animal: elephants… and when I’m with young children, the screaming monkeys so the kids can scream to make the monkeys scream and then people look at us like we’re crazy but they’re kids and they don’t care :)

There ya have it, folks! Probably more information than you wanted to know, but hey, it’s Friday! Have a great weekend!

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  1. For the yummy food, how about those secret-ingredient brownnies, eh?