Monday, September 5, 2011

Daniel Fast Day One

For 40 days, my church at home is joining together in a corporate Daniel Fast. This means that we will be following the food guidelines set forth in the book of Daniel, when he and his companions did not eat from the king’s table but instead ate only fruits, vegetables, and other foods that were grown from a seed. As a body, my church is seeking specific breakthrough in regards to finding Father’s heart for the lost.

When my pastor announced this to our body last month, I was thrilled…and slightly apprehensive. I am here at school during these 40 days, so the element of fasting together with the church is lacking. However, I am still a member of my church, and I want to see God break through to us in this area, and so I am joining in this fast from across the country. It will be a modified version, since I am at the whim of Food Service, not my own cooking abilities (which would probably still limit me!).

God, break through! Break through and reveal and impart Your heart for Your children! Let us never be the same after these 40 days of pursuing You.

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