Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thank you for praying!!!

This week has gone so smoothly, and I know it’s only because of God’s grace and your prayers! Thank you, readers!

Now I come to you with another prayer request, but this one is more serious {not that my plea for help earlier wasn’t serious; this one just has more far-reaching implications}. My school has “convocations” almost every Thursday {I might have mentioned these last year… forgive me if I repeat myself} and this week, the speaker is a “Christian” who has it all figured out. My friend heard him speak earlier this week, and came away with the conviction that we need to pray that the ears of my fellow, unbelieving students are stopped, that the words of this man are so dangerous, and that if we could somehow stop the convocation from taking place, we would. Sigh. Sometimes the anti-God agenda on this campus is so discouraging, and I think of the Daniel Fast where my church is crying out for God’s heart for the lost, and I wonder is it doing anything? Is it worth it?

And then I think, isn't my God big enough to let someone tell lies about Him? Of course He is! He’s been big enough since the Garden of Eden when satan told the first lie about His goodness! And I am encouraged again, because I know that whatever comes out of this man’s mouth will eventually be revealed as a lie. And I know that the students who hear him and believe him and accept his half-truth, I know that they are not too far gone for my God! Ahh!!! Isn't that marvelous!!?!?!? No matter how far gone we think someone is, God can still reach them. That boggles my mind, for real!

Please join me in praying, friends, praying for my fellow students, praying for my believing friends who are preparing to hand out tracts afterwards, praying for this speaker, that he might come to know the true Jesus Christ. Thank you, and remember to pray victoriously- God has already won!

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