Monday, September 12, 2011

God, You are totally cool

This morning, God told me that I need to reach out to people more, meaning more often, more deep, and to more people. He told me that I need to be way outside my comfort zone, and I need to be out there so often that what used to be my comfort zone is no longer comfortable! Whoa, God!

So at 10am, I went to meet with the professor I TA for. We discussed the class and our plans for the day, and then as I was packing up to leave, I heard God whisper Ask her how her partner is doing. Readers, you must understand. I love this professor as a professor, but I disagree with her fundamental views. She’s the instructor for whom I tried to read President Obama’s book this past summer. Great teacher, bad worldview. Anyway. I take a deep breath and ask, “How is your partner doing?”

She seems surprised that I asked, but then thanks me for asking. We talk about her partner’s health for a just a minute or two, and then I leave and head for class. I was surprised at how much grace was there, that the question didn't seem unnatural or forced or awkward, and how pleasant the response was. Thank You Jesus for being with me, just like You said you would be!

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