Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Not Alone Series: Social Media

Linking up {a day late} with the awesome Jen of Jumping in Puddles and Morgan of Follow and Believe.

Our lives tend to revolve around social media and knowing what's happening in everyone's lives. How has this affected your life? In your experience, has social media made dating easier? Harder? Example: judging or not judging a guy by what you see on Facebook or Twitter.

Oh, social media. The double-edged sword of blessings and curses. I love social media for its ability to keep people connected over time and distance. I hate social media for bringing out my tendency to compare. I love social media because I love people. I hate social media because I love people.

Since I've never been in a dating relationship, I won't speak to social media's ability to affect a relationship. This study is rather interesting, as an aside.

Personally, I get discouraged when I'm hanging out with people and they are constantly on their phones. My love language is quality time, and when your face is towards your phone instead of your friend {hint: I'm your friend}, I don't feel the love. Like Morgan, I really dislike hanging out with people who act like they'd rather hang out with their phones.

I try not to have my phone with me at all times; part of this must be a genetic gifting, because my mom is the queen of leaving her phone in her purse in the closet. My sisters and I call Dad and ask to talk to Mom, and he complains, "Why don't you call her phone?" And our response is always, "We did. She didn't answer." Of course, my dad only answers his phone when he wants to, so yeah. {If I sound slightly bitter about my parents' and their communication habits, it's because they're in the midst of 3 weeks in New Zealand and they didn't bring me. Boo.}

Have I ever stalked a boy on Facebook? Heck yes! My sister is actually a better and faster stalker than I am, and I'm always grateful {if not slightly embarrassed} by her mad skillz. Do I think a Facebook profile can predict the success of a relationship? Heck no! Quoting Morgan again: social media only shows one facet of who we are. I am much more than the movies I like, the books I've read, and the pictures I'm tagged in. Social media should be a small part of our relationships, as it is only a small part of our lives.


  1. Love that last bit. So good!! Totally agree :)

  2. Love this! People on their phones in social situations really bother me, like you said. There are people here! Be social! Ask questions! I'm not super comfortable in huge social situations with people I don't know, and can see why people revert to phones sometimes, but come on. Getting to know people is more fun! And amen to social media only showing part of us. Love this discussion!