Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Not Alone Series: #ProtestantProblems

Linking up with the fabulous and busy Jen at Jumping in Puddles and Morgan at Follow and Believe.

Today's prompt: Who is your favorite saint related to marriage, chastity, etc.? How has he or she helped you during this time of singleness?

What card will Bek pull out of her hat today? That would be the Protestant card for 100, Alex.

Yeah, um, I don't really have a favorite saint...in fact, I don't think I could name more than 2 without googling, so yeah. #ProtestantProblems

  1. St. Francis of Assisi {I visited Assisi and got to see his little chapel - amazing!}
  2. Mother Teresa {aaaaand I just learned from Laura's post that she's not yet a saint...#failblog}

But I will reduce, reuse, and recycle one of NAS's older prompts {Jen, I have so enjoyed stalking creeping reviewing your archives with all the excellent NAS topics!}. Coming at you Throwback-Tuesday-style, with the prompt of What Brings You Peace? Jen's post is here, just to prove that I'm not making this up ;)

So what brings me peace? Let me give you the bullet-point edition so as to end this as gracefully as possible.

  • talks with my bestie
  • laughing with my sisters
  • catching up on life with my mom
  • dates with my dad
  • calling Grammie {and listening to Grandpa's commentary in the background}
  • going for walks around the beach near my house
  • phone dates with my bosom friend
  • holding babies, or being around kids in general
  • reading birth stories, especially from Grace's link-up
  • reading blogs
  • finishing blog posts
Wasn't that a smooth transition? *pats self on back* Thanks for stopping by!


  1. A rather smooth transition, Bek! :-) I'm learning so much about these awesome people from the link-up, so don't worry. You're not the only one who has to google things sometimes!

  2. I'll clarify... Mother Teresa has been beatified, which means the Church, having approved at least one official miracle achieved through the intercession of Mother Teresa, recognizes her as a Blessed. Once a second miracle is approved, she will be canonized a Saint. The definition of a Saint, however, is simply someone who is in Heaven. Therefore, though not officially recognized as a Saint by the Church, Mother Teresa, we know, is a Saint by virtue of her soul being in Heaven. For her to achieve the official title of Saint, one more miracle must be approved.

    ... if any of that made sense. Feel free to contact me via my blog if you have any questions! :)