Friday, May 30, 2014

Learning About Blood and Spider Guts and Squishes

Linking up with Emily from Chatting At the Sky for this "educational" post. Ha.

I learned that there is a reason for the rule about washing new jeans before you wear them. Specifically, this is a rule of thumb if you typically rest your thumb on your legs while you work. Whatever color your jeans are, so also shall be that thumb.

I learned a new vocabulary word: squish. Not like Dory's Squishy, but squish the noun. Here, look, proof:

I learned that opening cans is dangerous, even if they have a deceptively easy handle to remove the lid. On Sunday before Memorial Day, I was cooking mexican lasagna for the next day, and when I opened the can of corn, the lid sliced into my pinky. Ew ew ew. I didn't faint, but I definitely felt woozy and light-headed, so my sister came over and after we determined that it had been bleeding for an hour, we went to Urgent Care. NO STITCHES! Praise God! I'm still wearing a band-aid, but I'd wear a band-aid for three weeks if it meant no stitches. 

After overhearing my bestie's skype conversation, I learned/had a revelation/lightbulb turned on/heavens opened up to reveal that I actually want to pursue something verrrrry different than what I had thought. 
After telling some friends and hearing their overwhelming "Bek, absolutely you can do that!" responses {thanks, everyone!}, I learned that this is what Eleanor Roosevelt meant when she said: "Do one thing every day that scares you." 

Finally, I learned that a vacuum is the best tool ever in terms of spider killing. If you know my history with spiders, you know that of my little flat, it is my flatmate who kills spiders, not I. But last night she was out, and there was a spider on my ceiling, and I didn't want to go to Zumba and come back and not know where it went, so I got my vacuum and sucked it up {literally - ha!}. Clean ceiling {not like that was a problem before}, dead spider, and peace while at Zumba = win win win. 

That's all, folks! See ya next month for some more learning. 


  1. Hi Bek. Stopping by from the link-up. This is so fun. And we all learn something. We don't have problems with spiders in South Florida, but a vacuum sure sucks up a lot of yuck I'd rather not touch. Good to know that includes spiders! ;)

    1. Thanks for visiting! And you're making me jealous of South Florida if you don't have spiders! ;)

  2. So what was that one thing you did? Or did I miss it....

    1. Pursue doula certification :) That was my revelation - that I want to be a doula :)