Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Roomie Adventures

As I mentioned last week, my college roomie came for a visit! It's hard to believe we met 4 years ago... only God could have placed a gal from Seattle and a gal from Missouri in the same dorm room in Kentucky!

For our adventures, we had fantastic weather {again, thank you for your prayers} and, as promised, here are some pictures. Let's start with a "then and now" pic, shall we?

Orientation Weekend, 2010

visiting the beach, 2014

So now that you've got photographical proof that this visit transpired, let me describe to you what went down.

Thursday was a scorching {for this northwesterner} 85*, and it was glorious! Catherine and I took the bus to downtown Seattle and played the tourist card for all it was worth. Pike Place Market, the waterfront, the original Starbucks, the Space Needle, Ivar's, Dick's Drive-In, the works! We also missed like 4 busses because apparently May Day = Protest Businesses Day in Seattle and so the busses were all slow, full, and completely off-schedule. Oh well. It makes for a more memorable experience!

Friday, we woke up mid-morning and got on the eastbound road. We spent a little time in Leavenworth, touring The Hat Shop...

and then we met my friend Dahlia for some gelato.
overheard at the gelato shop: "Congrats, dude, you're an international drug dealer! Come work for us!"

We went back to Dahlia's house and took a walk up the mountains - glorious! Then, because we are responsible adults, we headed home so we would be over the pass before dark. Quite successful!

Saturday started off with a fantastic brunch, if I do say so myself. I made French toast and bacon and Samara made mimosas and fruit salad. Scrumptious!

We had several fabulous views of Mt. Rainier: ain't he just studly!?

After brunch, Catherine and I packed the car and journeyed southwest-ward towards the beach. Pacific Ocean, here we come! Catherine blogged about the ocean in this beautiful post. We spent the night in a cute little inn...several funny stories came out of that night. 

For dinner, we walked over to this dive bar that got really great reviews, but apparently they had stopped serving food last summer. No bueno. So we went next door to the Mexican restaurant: success!  

The inn had an indoor swimming pool, so we grabbed our suits and headed that direction. I don't remember what my expectations were, but they were probably bigger than the pool. It went from 4 feet deep to 5 feet deep, so that was something. There was one jet...we took turns. Oh, and there was no real filter on the pool, which kinda grossed me out. Showers were had post-swim, for sure!

Sunday was really chill and relaxing. We went to the jetty at the end of the beach, we went shopping, we got coffee {practically implied}, and then we headed home. We may or may not have indulged in Dick's Drive In again on the way home, but since they're only in Seattle, we had to make up for lost time on Catherine's behalf. See how well I justified that?!

Monday was Catherine's final day in the Pacific Northwest, and we spent it at Target, Walmart, and on the couch watching Doctor Who {finished the first season and watched David Tennant's first Christmas special!}. Since it was Cinco de Mayo, we met my family for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. So yummy! We hung out at my parents' house for a couple hours and introduced Catherine to "Miranda" - such fun! Then it was time to go to the airport, concluding this awesome roomie adventure. 

Catherine, thank you so much for visiting! It was a pleasure to host you and drive all over the state with you. Please come back!


  1. I was an awesome trip! I'll have to visit the mountains and the ocean again....oh, and you too. ;-)

  2. In both pics she is wearing black and you are wearing.... Purple! Ha! :)

  3. This makes me so happy! :) Loved reading your adventures!