Saturday, April 28, 2012


My final research paper is about abortion and specifically how and why the federal government should cease funding Planned Parenthood. I’m on that organization’s website currently, and I am literally stunned at their vocabulary. No wonder so many women are deceived. No wonder people who are “on the fence” about abortion waver and hesitate to talk negatively about this company. Jeepers. Jesus, help us.

But as sad and frustrating as their deceit is, it’s not what’s on my mind right now. What is almost more saddening and frustrating is the list of “anti-abortion extremists” who take violent action against abortion doctors, clinics, employees, etc.

I think it is safe to say that a lot of pro-life people are also Jesus followers. That makes me sad, not because I don’t want people to follow Jesus, but because these “extremists” are giving Jesus a bad reputation. I’m sure they think they are working for Jesus and that they are accomplishing His will, but I don’t think that’s how Jesus operated; at least, I have never read anything like that in Scripture.

Not only are these people misrepresenting Christ, but they are discrediting other pro-life individuals who are trying to follow Christ in the manner that Christ Himself modeled. It is hard for non-violent pro-lifers to speak to a pro-abortioner when all they see are the violent, unbiblical even, acts committed by “extremists.”
What are your thoughts?

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  1. Amen. Ever since going back to grad school, I've been surrounded by such liberal people and their attitude toward abortion makes me sick.

    However, it also saddens me that so many "Christians" have given Christ a bad name by retaliating against abortion with their own evil.

    And thank you for your sweet words on my blog! :)