Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

Holy canoli, Batman! This month is full of goodness! Take a peek:

  • my family arrives in 3 days
  • I graduate in 5 days
  • Master’s Commission groups will be here in 9 days
  • my friend’s baby will be here in 24 days!!!!

All this in the month of May! Woohoo!

Ok, newest obsession: Instagram. Have you tried it? Heard of it? Fell in love with it? Hate its guts with all your might? Tell me what you’re thinking, friends! For my friends on f.acebook, I haven’t figured out how to link my Insta account with f.acebook, and I’m thinking it might have to do with the fact that I took fb off my phone… any ideas?

I finished my paper! So excited! I know it needs a bit of reorganization, but I’m ok with that right now. It will be done. A classmate is going to read it and review it for me, and I will send it in tonight! Then it’s just a final on Thursday and we’re outta here! Praise Jesus!

My friend and I got pedicures on Sunday- so much fun! It was my birthday present to her, and we had a blast! I’m going to try to post a picture… we’ll see how well it goes. Thank God for cameras on phones…
Here’s the Insta pic of my pedi :)

I sold my textbooks yesterday, and I made $44 off of ‘em! Probably not what I paid, but I’m thinking that I got rid of them all in the space of a couple hours and I didn’t have to walk too far and now I don’t have to deal with a pile on my desk… let me rephrase that last part. Now I have to deal with one less pile on my desk :)

Got any special May Day plans? I could have gone dancing around a May pole this morning… at 6:30. Yeah. Note the use of the words “could have gone” instead of “went.”

My roomie and I are going to visit her apartment today! It will be her first time seeing it, so that’s exciting. Wish us luck!

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