Thursday, April 12, 2012

2.5, and other news

If I was writing this yesterday, it would be exactly 2.5 weeks left of classes. Holy canoli batman. Shut up shut up shut up. Really???

Really. It’s getting so close!

And the amazing thing is, all those big scary projects I had to do are getting done. And they’re not so big or scary anymore. My capstone project will be done tomorrow and the presentation is on Tuesday. The political communication paper is doable, and an A in that class is achievable!

So the other evening, I did something a) that I had never done before and b) never planned on doing. gulp.
Any guesses?

NO! Not that! {I don’t have anything in mind, but I bet you got concerned}

Actually, I looked at grad schools. Gasp. I know, I did. It’s awful or wonderful, depending on who you are.
Now, for the record, I’m not looking at going to graduate school just for the sake of continuing my education. For my personal calling, I don’t think that’s the direction the Lord is calling me in. But when I was looking at the organization I would LOVE to work for, the sidebar caught my attention. One of the current employees got her Master’s degree in grassroots marketing. How cool is that!?!?!? So I think that if I ever were to go back to school, if God called me to that because it will be necessary for the future, that’s what I would want to study, if that’s the direction God calls me. Anywho. I was just looking at a couple schools to see if they had any programs like that. I didn’t find any in the geographic area of this organization, and I didn’t find any in the geographic area of where I’m at now (granted, I only looked at like 3 schools total, so don’t go setting this in stone or anything). But yeah. There’s a little update on what’s up.

Well, I said earlier that my capstone project would be done tomorrow. Guess what that means I should do today. Yup. Peace out.


  1. I assume you've finished your capstone project now? Woot! Bek, you're almost done!

    1. Pretty much! We have a presentation on Tuesday and then we turn in the report. Currently there's only a little bit of formatting/beautifying that needs to happen. Woot! :)