Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little Bit of Figuring

I've been thinking a lot lately about God’s plan for me at this point in my life, and I think that I have a couple things sorta figured out, and lotta things not figured out, but here goes.

1. I am here to learn several things during my college season, and not just academically.
2. One of those things that I’m going to master is gratefulness.
3. Another thing is recognizing how blessed I am, period.
4. One more thing I’ll learn is how to not judge things based on appearances, because appearances are definitely not the only thing that matter, and first impressions definitely can be deceiving.
5. I know that I am here to solidify my relationship with Jesus.
6. I am here because I have something to bring to this community, and because this community has something for me.
7. I am far away from my family, friends, and general comfort zone, and I appreciate them more each day.
8. I am making friends here that will be my friends for life, and if any of these new friends ever head to my part of the country, I will do my best to give my best.
9. I can think that I have a plan and a “what’s going to happen after graduation” scheme, but God’s is what I really want to go by, and mine will be tossed to the side if and when He says so.
10. My room-mate and I are room-mates because God orchestrated it.

That’s all for now, but basically, this is an amazing time that the Lord has me in, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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