Monday, January 3, 2011


Scientifically, there is a “feel good” chemical released in the brain when you complete a task. Reaching a goal, be it to clean the floors or run a marathon, is definitely good, I think we would all agree. But what about not finishing something? Is there any glory in not completing something or seeing something through? Does it matter when your convictions are at stake?

I've walked out of performances because I disagreed with the agenda being promoted. I've put down a book, unfinished, because the content doesn't need to be in my mind. I've turned off movies and tv shows because I didn't want my money going to support their cause, or because I didn't want to have images ingrained in my mind. I think we agree that these are worthy reasons to not finish something.

But what about when there’s nothing wrong with finishing? What if you lose interest or motivation, and seeing this task to its end is a chore? Is the pleasure of finishing a task worth the effort to actually finish?

I’m pondering this because I started a book thinking it was about one thing that I was really passionate about and interested in, and now that I’m into it a bit deeper, I don’t think it’s what I thought it was. Do I push on and see? Do I finish it because of principle? Or do I leave it on my book shelf? Gosh, just writing my options makes me want to go read it and at least see if it turns into what I had hoped. Problem solved, I guess… thanks for listening.

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