Saturday, January 29, 2011

Whoa! Hello, two year anniversary!

This morning I logged into Blogger and read my BFF’s blog post from yesterday: it was her second anniversary of blogging! I thought, gee, I wonder when I started blogging, and lo and behold, it’s today! January 29th, 2009 saw my first post. Thanks, BFF, for inspiring me to start this!

I was cleaning my desk off a couple weeks ago, and I realized I have a ton of cards that people have sent me {I love mail, btw!} and all I was doing was keeping them in my drawer. I thought, that’s not how it should be!

So I took out my sticky tack {I love sticky tack, too!} and created a collage of sorts on my wall above my desk. It’s artsy and a bit chaotic, and I add to it whenever I get something in the mail. {author’s note: if you would like your letter on the wall, please send a letter to the author. If you do not know the author’s mailing address, please email her and she will remedy that situation. Thank you.}

I think it’s a better use for them, because I look at my beautiful collage thing and I know that I am loved and missed and making new friends.

I love lazy weekends! My roomie and I are catching up on Criminal Minds {I love Reid!} and doing homework in between… and we’re painting our nails during. Yup, it’s safe to say that this day is revolving around Criminal Minds. Woot!

So BibleGateway allows you to search different passages in the Bible, in basically any version, and I just connected some dots and realized that it will READ the passage to you if you so desire. I thought, well, listening to Scripture would allow me to (a) hear God’s Word, (b) accomplish the “read your Bible homework,” and (c) accomplish other mindless homework assignments {list-making really is mindless, Dad!}. So yesterday and today I have listened to Luke in chapter-size chunks. This nice gentleman reads the chapters; sometimes he sounds a bit robotic, and sometimes he gets really into it and sounds like he has a pretend British/American accent… it’s soothing, really!

Well, that’s my day in a nutshell. I’m about ready for one more episode of Criminal Minds!


  1. Yes, Dahls, a nice older gentleman on the computer reads the Bible to me. :) Check out if you don't believe me :)