Monday, October 6, 2014


...reading The Locust Effect by Gary Haugen, founder of International Justice Mission, and Victor Boutros; Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin - less than 100 pages to go!

...contemplating the beginning of doula certification and the coming workload. My first desire is to GO GO GO in a crazy and futile attempt to get it all done at once, but I know that I will be more successful in a chunk-by-chunk approach.

...waiting for some essential oils and a poster frame to arrive in the mail. Can't wait for either - thank God for Amazon Prime!

...watching "The Mindy Project" - only one more episode of Season One!

...anticipating Halloween with Cami and Samara! Last year we went as the Fantastic Fox Family, and this year we've got some pretty "rockin'" plans... no spoilers here, though!

...planning Christmas presents already. Thinking of both DIY options and more intentional purchases.

...working on finding my next crochet project. I finished Cami's birthday present with a striped cowl and matching headband, and now it's decision time for above-mentioned Christmas presents.

...hoping for some cute boxes at Michael's for beautifying my home, and some fake flowers can't hurt, either.

...dreading the end of Doctor Who Season Eight. I know we're only halfway done with the season, and there are still plenty of characters to develop, but already I'm dreading watching the last episode.

...ready for my next audio book! I ordered The Girl Who Came Home and it's waiting for me at the library as I type.

...grateful for text conversations, spontaneous phone dates, peanut butter, family, doula adventures about to start, and the grace of God. 


  1. I just got an order of essential oils in today and I was so excited!!! Is the Mindy Project any good! I have said it before I am going to say it again, I am so excited for your doula adventures!

  2. :) Can't wait for halloween!!

  3. Oooh, which oils did you get? My order is just refills, nothing new, but I'm eager to hear what you got!
    The Mindy Project is funny, but is definitely PG-13... I do love Mindy Kaling and I appreciate the general story, but not every single details, if that makes sense.
    Thank you SO much for your support and excitement! I am very much looking forward to getting started FOR REAL! :D

  4. I got PastTense, ClaryCalm, basil, elevation, wild orange and also veggie caps to prepare for sick season. Where do you buy your oils from?

  5. Ooh, those all sound awesome! Have you used Thieves before? That's my favorite immune booster/ sickness killer.
    I use Young Living... they are pricey, but I signed up as a wholesaler, so I get a percentage off.

  6. Thieves is great. Like I have said on my blog it was my starter oil. Soon I will be using it everyday on my feet. I am a wholesaler with Doterra.

  7. Right! I think Thieves is what really got me started with oils. :) I love how many uses there are for it!

  8. I really like watching The Mindy Project! Hope you're enjoying it!

  9. The Mindy Project is my guilty pleasure - she is so funny!