Monday, October 13, 2014

Doula Adventures: It's Official!

I babysat for 10.5 hours last weekend. No, I'm not cra-... ok, I'm slightly crazy. But you know what made those 10.5 hours totally worth it? Those hours earned me the last chunk of registration money for Birth Arts International, and today I clicked "make payment and begin the next step in your doula adventures...and your life." Ok, the button didn't really say that; I'm projecting a bit. But that's the jist of what it said, or what I felt, because now it is official: I've started the process of doula certification!!!

Step One: read the manual. 

Step Two: create a plan and schedule for the various assignments. 

Step Three: blog about it :D I know you're dying to follow along, so please note you made it into the top three items on this {massive} to-do list. That's right, feel the love. 

I can't thank you all enough for your kind comments, encouragement, questions, and enthusiasm. I've doubted myself many times {and I'm sure I will doubt myself again}, and you all keep holding me up and helping me push on past the worries and insecurities. You all are the best!

This post is short because I have a lot of reading to do, but hey, it's official reading now :)


  1. OH MY GOSH YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emailing you tomorrow and can't wait to hear more about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I'm not excited...okay, maybe a little excited :) Well done friend!

  3. Thanks! I am so so so excited about it, and kinda weirded out that it's actually happening! :) Thank you for your support and encouragement, Victoria!

  4. Thanks, Laura! I'm freaking out about it, and I really am excited to dialogue with you about it! Looking forward to your email :)

  5. That's so exciting, Bek! One of my roommates is a doula, and she absolutely loves her work! I'm looking forward to reading more about your journey! :)

  6. Thanks, Joan! Oooh, I may have to pick your roommate's brain! :)

  7. I found your blog through the Finish This link up & noticed this post on the sidebar & couldn't help but click over. :) I became obsessed with all things birth (particularly natural birth) after my daughter was born last October. I look forward to reading more about your journey to becoming a Doula!
    P.S. love the way you spell your name! :)

  8. Hi Rebekah! Glad you came over to "visit!" :) Congratulations on your new daughter!
    I'm excited to start this journey and to share it with awesome readers like you :) Since we're talking birth, did you blog about your birth experience with your daughter? Birth stories are my favorite and I am totally addicted :)
    P.S. It's a fabulous spelling! :)

  9. Yes! I too am addicted to birth stories and talking about birth! I will share my experience in great detail with almost complete strangers ;)
    Birth Plan:
    Birth story part 1 (internal links to rest of story):

  10. Yay! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to dive in :)