Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Not Alone Series: Online Dating

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Not all of us have jumped into the world of online dating, but many of us have! What are those things that we should AND that we shouldn't do?! If someone you know is considering online dating, how would you encourage him/her? What advice do you have?

Well, I fall into that very first category of "haven't jumped" and so I inquired as to a prompt for those in my boat. Morgan suggested I share why I haven't jumped in, my perceptions, if I know anyone else who's tried it, etc. So here goes.

I have not tried online dating, and I am not saying that I never will. I know several people who married someone they met online, and I know other people who haven't had good experiences. We all know people who love it and people who hate it, don't we?

Right now, online dating not something I want to do, but I've taken the goal of online dating {meeting new people} and looked for other ways to accomplish that goal. How do I meet new people? I have to try new things!

With that in mind, I've attempted to be more open about new adventures. When my new flatmate said she was going ballroom dancing with some people from her work, I joined her {and had a blast!}. When my friend says she wants to go to a different church's hang-out, I put it on my calendar and join her {it's still on the calendar}. When I'm at Notions and there are new people, I hand them some apple crisp and introduce myself {surest way to make new friends: feed them!}.

I say that the goal of online dating is to make new friends, which maybe is a little strange. Personally, having new friends as my goal keeps things simple and helps me not focus so much on a relationship status. My focus is not on "finding a husband" but rather on building relationships with the people God connects me to, and right now that means being willing to try new things and meet new people. 

What's your online dating experience? Would you recommend it, based on your own experience or a friend's?


  1. I love your attitude and I wish I was more willing to make new friends. I'm working on it. ;-)

  2. Thanks, Catherine. My thought is that I will most likely meet my husband through other friends, and it never hurts to have more friends! :)

  3. I have zero experience here, but love your take on this: making new friends! And food is definitely the fastest way to many people's hearts! :-)

  4. Thanks, Laura! Keeping it as friends takes the pressure off of everyone, I think. And the food thing helps me practice my skills {or lack thereof} and makes people happy, so I'm calling it a win-win :)

  5. So, I stumbled upon this and it kinda relates, and you might find it useful. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20140930103316-12715656-how-i-stopped-sucking-at-networking

  6. Gil, I really like that! I especially like her Rule of Three, both for joining a group and meeting three new people. Thanks for sharing! :)