Friday, September 19, 2014


A couple weekends ago, I went thrifting for a table lamp. Since I had no idea what I was going to do with it and also since I had no idea how my attempt would turn out, I bought one lamp with a clear cord and a shade already attached {instead of buying two lamps with various degrees of inspiration and intimidation}.

{Sorry, I didn't take a "before" picture. Lame, I know.} The original color was kind of an Eeyore-blue... aka depressing. Also, it went with nothing already in my living room, so paint was in order. The shade was an off-white; again, not my fave. So I knew that this was a total makeover. 

The mirror on my mantle is painted "geranium" from Martha Stewart's collection, and I decided that the base of the lamp should match the mirror. Unfortunately, Martha likes to keep things moving through her collection, so geranium was no longer an option. Fortunately, I have a dedicated crafting friend in Julie, and together we searched through the clearance bucket and found something close: poppy. I figured they are both orange-ish flowers and close enough. 

Julie and I turned on the movie "Austenland" {which was pretty cute and funny - a good choice for crafting} and she started knitting and I started with the lamp shade. I had purchased some scrapbook paper and began to glue the paper onto the shade. I finished before the movie did, so it didn't take too long. The pieces of paper were each $0.56 and I used four pieces. 

When the movie was over, Julie and I grabbed paintbrushes and sponges and let the poppy loose. It didn't go very far. We painted one coat that night, then I painted three more coats on Saturday, and then Monday saw the fifth coat. FINALLY it looked good!

Above and below are Saturday morning, after the second coat. Still see-through!

Here's the paint I used:

I figured if it didn't work, I only paid $0.79 for it, so no biggie. 

All done!

Close-up of the shade

Ta-da! I have another table, so stay tuned for potentially another lamp makeover. $10.00 for the lamp + $0.79 for the paint + $2.24 = a new lamp for less than $15!


  1. That lamp is a very bright color. But kudos to you for remaking it!! Looks like you did a great job. :-)

  2. Oh my gosh, I love it!!!!! I wouldn't use the poppy color in my house, but I always am on the lookout for a picture with red poppies (not orange). Love the shade.

  3. Yay! Thanks!
    I think I am more proud of the shade :) The paint is fine, but the shade is my masterpiece, lol.
    Oooh, red poppies will look SO good in your house! :D

  4. Haha, yes it is! :) It is just a pop of brightness that works with my grandma-furniture ;)

  5. Thanks! I'm thinking about doing another one, and maybe I'll remember to take a "before" picture ;)