Saturday, September 6, 2014


...listening to Imogen Heap's album Ellipse and loving basically every track.

...reading This Star Won't Go Out by Esther Grace Earl and her parents. Esther battled cancer for several years, was active in the Nerdfighter community, and wrote pages and pages in her journals. After she passed away in 2010, her parents published her journals, along with other stories and notes from friends and family. While The Fault In Our Stars is not written about Esther, John Green dedicated it to her and was inspired - in more ways than just his book - by Esther. 

...watching "Doctor Who" Season 8, Episode 3 tonight with Samara! I'm excited to see the interaction between Clara and Robin Hood :) And before tonight's episode, I will probably watch at least one episode of "Wonderfalls," a quirky one-season show with Lee Pace. Yes, I'm obsessed, but how can I not be?

...working on a DIY project for a table lamp. I'm excited to share the finished product soon :)

...drinking lots of water. Feeling slightly dehydrated and I want to nip that in the bud. 

...wondering if I should have taken my sister up on her invitation to go to Wild Waves for one of the last nice days of the summer. She called this morning and I opted out - does that make me old?? Probably, but at least I own it, right?

...anticipating some packages in the mail. I ordered some clothing from Amazon and some sheets from Macys yesterday {thanks be unto whoever invented online shopping}, and both orders should be in here in a week-ish. {I think the fact that I'm excited for new sheets is confirmation that I'm old.}

...looking forward to a friend's birthday celebration tomorrow. Brunch, relaxation, and picnics in the park are all on the docket, and I'm thinking about making some sangria :)

...thinking that I should exercise and shower in order to fully appreciate this wonderful weekend.

Linking up with Bailey Jean today for Day Six of her Blog-tember challenge. Thanks for the prompt, Bailey!


  1. Hey, I found your blog with the help of the link in and I must say that I totally love your currently list. Can't wait to read more of your stuff. :) Oh, now that you mention it I totally forgot to put that book on my to read list. I have heard so much about it and am really looking forward to reading it. Hardly anyone talks about Wonderfalls anymore, it was such a gorgeous show. Got cancelled way too early! Cannot wait to watch the new Doctor Who season btw. Haven't had the time to start it yet :')

  2. Thanks for clicking over, and welcome!
    This Star Won't Go Out was really, really good. Her family has shared their daughter in a beautiful, touching way.
    Wonderfalls is so weird and strange, but kinda fun, too! Not as good as DW, of course, but Lee Pace makes it worth it :D Start DW asap; it's on BBC's website!