Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Cold Scale and Snow in the Morning

Before we jump into this tale of Tuesday, I should probably give you the Cold Scale.
In my mind, this is the Cold Scale {to be qualified with appropriate descriptors depending on the effect from the wind chill}:

  • "cold" = below 40*
  • "cold" = actually below 32*
  • "cold" = single digits
  • "COLD" = below 0*
    beyond that, the Cold Scale breaks
As you may remember, Tuesday is the day I go work out on The Farm Office. My boss usually picks me up since a) he's coming from the same direction and b) it's almost an hour-long drive. So this morning I woke up to my alarm {the rooster one, in case you were wondering} and started getting ready. You know, clothes, hair, make-up. Normal things.

Last night, the weatherman had said that it was going to be cold today. And I think, of course it's cold. This is the Frozen Tundra. Little did I know...

So I finish the hair, make-up, clothes, etc., and head upstairs for breakfast. As I come up the stairs, Grams says "Did you see the snow?"
Snow? What snow?

Friends, it had snowed... a couple of inches. That's all. It was "cold" and there was snow on the ground. It was not really a Winter Wonderland, but it was pretty.

One good thing: I don't feel so bad for my NW homies who can't drive in snow, because the news this morning was reporting accident after accident after accident of people in the Big City. Don't be ashamed, Northwesterners! Snow is common here, and people still wreck! {I'm probably being too gleeful about this, but I am appreciating the irony.}

Anyway, that happened.

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