Friday, January 18, 2013

Funny Friday

You guys probably think that I spend all day sitting at the feet of my grandparents, laughing at them. Well, close. They let me have a stool. {AJ- insert CJ’s stool song here! LOL}

Today we were driving home from lunch, and Grandpa pointed to a really ugly car in the parking lot and said “That’s the next car we’re gonna get.”

Grammie immediately protests and says “I’m not getting that!”

Grandpa retorts “Oh yes you are. At our age, you gotta take what you can get. In a few years, we’ll be hitchhiking!”

As we leave the parking lot and turn onto the main road that is bathed with sunshine {sweet sunshine, where have you been!?!?}, Grandpa gets out his sunglasses. I quote:

”Gotta put my sunglasses on so no one will recognize me and think I’m a movie star.”

Yes, my grandparents are hysterical and adorable. Be jealous.

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