Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sisters, Gal Pals, and Bosom Friends, or more accurately, a sales pitch for Skype

Can we just all give a hallelujah shout out for sisters, gal pals, and bosom friends? I mean for real. They are the best.

I got to Skype with my baby sister last night...so fun. We gave each other tours of our rooms, made "the face", compared schedules, and laughed. It was good to see her face and hear her voice {another shout out is in order for Skype- can I get a witness!?}.

Then a gal-pal and I started chatting online. It's so great to be able to catch up and then go deep, or in our case, go deep and then catch up. :) We even set up another date so we can utilize Skype {helloooo, did you say hallelujah yet!?!?}.

And then my bosom friend AJ. I'm pretty sure that we laugh more than talk, but isn't that what bosom friends are for?? She showed me their new dartboard, which meant that she carried "me" up the stairs into the dart area. What a bestie. And she's learned to crochet, so holla! Oh, and we're gonna try to get her kids on Skype {if you're not praising Jesus yet, something is wrong with you!} for my birthday, so hooray!

anyway, this is a demonstration of the love i have for the above-mentioned people. let the ones you love know that you love them.....i give you permission to steal my idea and use Skype ;)


  1. love girl friends! and love how you used the term bosom friend:)

    1. :) aren't they the best?! Haha, there's actually a fun story behind the bosom friend name, but it was definitely inspired by our girl Anne :)