Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Grandparent Hysterics

Scene: dinner is over and Grammie is doing the dishes. She loads the last dish and then sets the empty, rinsed-out milk carton on the floor. Then she steps on it, with both feet, to squish it for recycling. It is garbage night.

Grandpa, to me as an aside: “She gets a kick outta that.”
Me: “It’s the tallest she’s been all day.”
Grammie: “I get a kick out of it?! I’m the only one who does it!”
Grandpa: “We save them for you because we know you get a kick out of doing it!”

Later, after the milk carton is sufficiently squished…
Grammie: “Well, are you going to take the garbage out?”
Grandpa: “I was gonna pay you 50 cents to do it.”
Grammie: “Let’s see your money.”
Grandpa: “Does it have to be cash?”
Grammie: “Are you going to write me a check?!”


Oh yes. I’m back with the grandparents. Let the laughter commence.

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  1. Sounds like your mom times 10! What a hoot! Thanks for sharing.