Friday, January 11, 2013

Funny Friday

An on-going joke that my grandpa and I have is that I need to be home by the time the streetlights come on. That's the time, according to Grandpa, that my mom had to come home when she lived at home, and now it's the time that I must come home, too. So this morning, our dialogue went like this...

Me: L and I are going to a party thing tonight, so I don't know if I'll be home in between or just after or what.
Grammie: Ok, that's fine. You've got a key.
Grandpa: Hey! Remember- be home by the time the streetlights come on!

Other funny items that happened this week: we went for a drive around the lake and saw people ice fishing. Ice fishing. Hello, are there not better things to be doing with your time, like living in a cave or or picking your nose or I don't know, cleaning your carpet with a toothbrush or something!!! WHY on earth would you want to spend your time sitting on the ice freezing your hindquarters off, waiting for a stupid fish to swim by and bite your {did I mention this!?} PLASTIC worm!?!?!? There are some habits of the Frozen Tundra {the new name for my current residence-thanks, AJ!} that I will never understand, and I hope that you find some amusement in my bewilderment.

Enjoy your Friday!

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