Thursday, May 17, 2012

a bunch of random yumminess

idk what’s up with me sticking “yumminess” in this title. it just worked, ok?

so last post you got a glimpse of the craziness that was my life for like 2 weeks. whew! and this week….drumroll, please… I’m dog sitting. bam. stick in the mud right there. it’s actually kinda nice, though. I get to sit peacefully at home and sometimes throw a rope for a dog, sometimes take him outside to do his business, and other times just ignore him. ah, bliss.

ps for realz, I don’t ignore the dog. that would make me a bad dog sitter and that’s not me. I talk to him all the time. as in, please stop barking, or why don’t you go sit in the corner? or can you please stop barking? or want some dinner? or please please please stop barking!

you know. normal dog conversation.

um big news! my friend had her baby!!!!! he is so cute and precious and he scrunches up his face and looks like his big brother and when he’s sleeping and all you can see is his pudgy face he looks like his sister. and I have yet to see his eyes in person, but I've seen pictures, so I know they are there.

the cool thing is, my friend texted me like 30 minutes after, and I got to go to the hospital at 1am and see him and he hadn't even been cleaned off. he was just chilling like a villain, nursing away, and he was so there and so new and so perfect. it gave me chills.

yesterday {during the day time} I got to go see him again, and it was just him and mom and me for a while, and I just held him and it was amazing. I left the hospital feeling so humbled. crazy how such a little person has such power, eh?

the fam is heading home from the hospital today, so that’s awesome. the best part about him coming is that his expected due date wasn't for another week, so I get to spend an extra week with him! this makes me super happy, although I expect it will make leaving even more hard. but I’m not going to think about that- I’m just going to enjoy every second I have with this squishy-faced baby. :)

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  1. I'm so happy that you have so much time with him! So cool you got to see him so "new". :-D