Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Update

Golly it has been a long week! TGI (almost) F! So here’s life since last weekend…

  1. I’m almost caught up on my labor hours. Yes, our jobs are called “labor” as in slave labor… but not really slavery. We’re very against slavery. Slavery is bad. Almost as bad as being behind on your labor hours. {Nice circle, eh} So I was sick and there were 2 weeks of school with no Mondays, and so I was behind on my hours. But I think that I’m on track to be caught up. Yipee!
  2. A long, long time ago, I played piano. And now I play again! That’s right, I’m taking piano lessons again, for the first time since my freshman year of high school! And I love it. Isn't it funny how you forget how much you enjoy something until you start doing it again, and then you remember and it’s almost a mental and spiritual sigh of “ahhh” as you slip back into doing whatever you used to do. Ahhh.
  3. Jesus is amazing. This should probably be number 1, but I was going from the beginning of my day to the end, and so yeah. Jesus is just plain awesome. His plans for me are so far beyond what I could even hope or imagine, and I don’t even know what all He has in store.
  4. Senioritis is seriously kicking in… omg. 86 days. 86. days. Augh!!!!!
  5. I could use some prayer right now for a bunch of things… my grandparents’ health, Jesus’ will for my future, school, relationships, my health, and yeah. So if you think of me, please take ten seconds and pray for both God’s will and His grace for me. Thanks.

This wasn't exactly what I was going for tonight, but this is what came out. I must apologize; my parents called in the middle of writing this post, so my thoughts changed topics a bunch of times in an hour. :) But I’m keeping my commitment to post once a week, so yay! Goodnight, dear readers.

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  1. Bek, I just prayed & heard the word PEACE over you. :)

    Love you (Thanks for the letter! :)