Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gee, God, You’re hysterical

God is so funny sometimes. He’s funny sometimes in the omg God You have a great sense of humor- what a great joke on life sense, and then He’s funny in the, gee, thanks, God. I know You called me to this; why don’t you just confirm in in like two different places by two strangers who don’t know each other ONLINE of all places! Yeah. He’s really funny. I love Him.

On Sunday, the Lord and I had one of those conversations. You know, the ones where you’ll look back and say that was the point when things changed. Today, I open up some blogs that I follow, and I read a post by Jami found here and another post by Heather found here. So yeah. Go check them out. Both these ladies are awesome, and God used them today to speak to my heart. Thank you, ladies!

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