Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thank God it’s almost Spring Break

It’s that point in the semester. You know, the point where you think, can any more be piled on top of my plate right now? Oh, apparently yes. Thanks. Yeah. That point.

The point where you’re trying to work ahead in order to stay afloat, and while nothing super bad has happened, you can feel its inevitable arrival and the slowwww drift downward into chaos…

The point where you make a to-do list in order to clear your brain out but in the end you freak your brain out because holy {expletive of your choice} that is a heck of a lot on this list!

The point where you turn on worship music and pray for peace inside your head.

The point where sleep is both the best thing ever and the worst thing ever, because it’s pretty much all your heart can desire, but it means you’re not doing the things on that to-do list.

The point where those “keep calm and carry on” signs begin to have real meaning…

The point where priorities are revealed… do I use my spare minutes to read Les Miserables in order to accomplish my goal of having it done by graduation {which is in 74 days, btdubs!} or do I read ahead in whatever class, or do I clock in and read the book my students are reading {the one that I’m almost-hopelessly behind in}?

Any way. That’s the point in the semester that I’m in. On a more happy note, this weekend is going to be amazing and that’s what I keep telling myself as I get bogged down in the craziness… and it maybe sorta adds to the craziness because I want to get stuff done so I can have fun this weekend, and so I get worked up in both a good way and a bad way thinking about it. But mainly good way, and the best part is, there are no classes next Tuesday, so if push comes to shove, I can hole up in my lovely little dorm room and crank stuff out.

Like I cranked out two pages of my research paper on Saturday. *pat on the back* That’s 20% done, baby. Heck to the yes. And I’m on track for reading for by biz capstone course. *hi-five* And my favorite class is awesome, and we’re making super cool stuff and I will tell you all more about that when goals have been accomplished.

Note: this was not a bragging sesh; this was a hey, Bek, you can do it; you’re staying afloat talk. Thanks for listening. ;)

Oh yeah, about the title of this post. Spring Break is in like 3 weeks. Praise. Jesus. For. Real.

I’m going on an airplane to see my mumzy and her parentals, so it should be fun. Apparently it’s becoming a tradition while I’m at school away from home, because this is what I did last year, too. But I guess that tradition is about to end, because this is my LAST SPRING BREAK. Ahhhhh. Part of me is happy and part of me is sad. Because that means that I’m almost done with college, and again, that makes part of me happy and part of me sad. But I know that my sisters will be in school for a while, so I can always take Spring Break trips with them {why, yes, there are benefits to being the oldest sis!} so it’s not completely over.
Well, this lovely break from homework has taken almost 20 minutes, so I should say adieu and get some reading done.{(I decided that I will “shake a tower”{lemme know if you figure out what that means} and then I will clock in and read my students’ book.} Thanks for listening, friends. Good night.

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