Wednesday, April 27, 2011

God is SO Cool!

I love it when God tells you something and then it gets confirmed over and over again, in the smallest ways, and the people bringing the confirmation don’t even know that they’re doing it. I love it!

God recently told me that my idea {of a future spouse} was incorrect. Later that week, this person inadvertently confirmed this. Then he confirmed it again. And then again! All I can do is sit and think, God, You are so cool! Thank You for telling me and then having this very person, unbeknownst to him, confirm it THREE times!!!! You love me, don’t You? And He always says YES!

On another note, I go home one week from tomorrow! And all my significant classes have been completed. I just have to study for 3, really 2, finals. One of them is SUPER easy, and if I go over the study guide maybe once, I’ll be set. It’s for World Dance; is it even possible for this class to be hard?

On yet another note, I have a confession to make. I like to walk past classrooms where my friends are seated, studiously taking notes or listening to the poor professor, and I make faces at my friends. It’s SO fun! And they can’t laugh because then the professor will get curious, and that makes it even funnier! One time I made a face, and the teacher walked into the classroom right behind me! Oops! And then I was making faces, and I think I made 3 or 4 people laugh, and right after I turned around to leave, the teacher shut the classroom door. Side note: it was the same teacher both times… and he’s leaving this college…oops. But it’s so much fun! I introduced my friend to it, and so together we went to this one classroom and made faces, and our friend who was in the class started to make faces back! In class! Aha! I love it. And so today, this friend who is now also addicted to making faces, got out of her class early and came and made a face at me! Oh, joy!!!! It made me so happy!

I know, I know… that’s SO childish. But I think that if it brings a smile to a friend’s face, and if the teacher doesn't mind {or doesn't find out!}, and the friend can still pay attention in class, and in fact gleans more from the class because she is more awake after laughing at me, then it is a good thing and should be continued. Which means that I’m not stopping, basically. Good thing tomorrow is the last day of classes!!!!!!

Well, I should study for finals. All 2.5 of them. Yep.

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  1. Love this post! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm!