Monday, April 25, 2011

Quick Update

I go home in 10 days. That’s the most important update. :)

Classes are pretty much over… just a few more puny assignments and I’ll be done. I only have 3 finals, and NONE are cumulative. Score!

My roomie and I have begun packing up our room. Our walls are pretty bare, and there are 2-3 tubs lying around the room half-full of our belongings. Thank God for amazing families in our respective churches who are graciously allowing us to store stuff over the summer!

One of my very good friends is leaving for the Army tomorrow. Technically, he is with them right now, but he hasn't gone anywhere yet. Yesterday was his last day with “civilization,” and he flies to Fort Bragg tomorrow. I talked with him last weekend… he’s ready, and we all know that this is where God has him for this season, but it doesn't make the goodbyes any easier.

I’m praying for him and for my friends back home who literally were with him as long as the military allowed. I wish I could have been there, but at the same time, I’m kinda glad I wasn't… being away has sheltered me a bit from the pain of people leaving. Of course, 8 months ago, this was me causing pain by my leaving. The main difference is, I know when I’ll be done and when I can go home. My friends in the military do not have that luxury. But they are in the place that God has for them, and so I thank them for serving and I pray God’s protection around them.

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