Thursday, April 14, 2011


I go home in 3 weeks! Thank You, Jesus for getting me this far… now just help me survive until the end!
It’s not really the end… I still have another 2 semesters. But I am completely ok with that. I love it here at school, and I love home, and although I hate saying goodbye to the place I’m leaving, I love saying hello to place at which I arrive. Augh! How will I say goodbye to my now second-home? I can’t imagine life in one year, when my family comes to see me graduate, and then I have to say goodbye to my families here. I’m dreading it, I think maybe worse than I was dreading the Sunday last August when my parents left to go back home.

I don’t know how I’m going to say goodbye to all these amazing families… thank God for Facebook and free long-distance phone calls! I can’t imagine being in Bible times… the Philippians sent Paul gifts, and it would be months before he received them, and that was their only form of communication, other than taking a year or so to go visit in person. Gosh. Now I have to go to an airport, sit on a plane for a few hours, and then I’m home. Thank You, Jesus, for technology!

Well, life update, eh? I have a test in every subject in the next two weeks = 5.

I have 2 presentations where I am a key presenter and another one where I am in charge of the report beforehand.

I have 3 papers due in the next 2 weeks; thankfully, one is basically done and one is 500 words from being done. And, amazing coordination here, the last one is due last! Haha, who would've thought.

Oh yeah, add another test. My school requires business majors to take a computer competency test for the major. We are tested in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. The first 3 I totally get; the last one = huh? But basically, I have to cram my head full of computer knowledge for a week, take the test, pass it, thereby fulfilling the requirement, and then move on and not think about it again because WE DON’T USE IT IN ANY CLASS. I know. Stupid, right? Well, cest la vi’.

My roomie and I are keeping the same room next year, and we have grand plans. right now we have our beds not bunked but as high as they will go with one half of the height…sorry, that’s confusing. Basically it’s really high. For being a non-top bunk. Yeah. Well, next year, we want to raise our beds as if they were both top bunks, and then we can have more storage space underneath our beds and more room overall. I know, I know, it’s the same room so there won’t be more room, but it will feel like it, anyway. And since we’re both going to be seniors (well, I already am, sorta), it’s not like we’ll be here too often anyway. Wink.

Well, speaking of the roomie, she is almost done working, and we will be off to dinner right after! So toodles for now! Enjoy the beginning of spring!!!!

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