Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some Lists...

Ok, readers, this is a lot, because all this information and all these thoughts have been swarming around my head like bees around Winnie the Pooh. So here goes my attempt to clear my brain just a tad.

I have a lot of things to pack before I leave, and then I have an even longer list of things to buy once I get there. With airfare prices what they are, it will be cheaper to just fly with my clothes and personal items and then purchase the generic stuff. I'm just letting you know, because if I don't say at least something I definitely will go completely crazy.

When I pause and ponder things, several things jump out at me as "be a part of that!" activities. But when I sit down to write them all out, my brain goes, "just kidding!" and won't tell me! So be looking for a list of activities I want to participate in, because it is definitely coming!

One of these said activities will be something about helping bring about restoration to girls held captive in prostitution. Another will be donating HUGE funds to pro-life lobbyists and clinics. I would also like to sponsor a child, or three, or seven, from around the world, and I would definitely want to meet these kids.

I want to be known for my hospitality. When I have my own home, I want people to feel completely welcome and at home. I want my friends to feel comfortable staying, or leaving their kids. I want my kids to be great hosts and hostesses, and I want their friends to feel like this is their second home.

I think that this is a part of the reason I'm studying business: I want the flexibility and the means to host people for any length of time. This is a God-given desire, I believe, and I know that if it is, He will totally make it all happen without me having to do anything!!

Thanks for listening, readers, and be watching for more lists coming soon!

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