Thursday, June 5, 2014

Doula Adventure: Step One

Remember back in January when everyone was saying, "Man, 2013 was hard!" and everyone said "Golly, I think 2014 is going to be a GO year." Since Ash Wednesday, I think, we've been in a season of "suddenlies." As in, "suddenly" I realized that birth is my passion and I want to become a doula. 

The process of becoming DONA-certified is a pretty intense one. There are several books and papers that must be read, classes attended, so many hours must be spent observing, and a multitude of resources must be collected. It is, at best, daunting. DONA gives deadlines of two and four years; obviously, this is not an overnight process.

Six nights, however, can start something new. 

The first step that requires a specific timeframe is a childbirth class. There are a myriad of classes you can choose from, as long as the instructor is certified and there is at least 12 hours of class time. So on Monday, I began frantically enthusiastically emailing some local Bradley, Lamaze, and Birthing From Within instructors. A couple people responded, I'd get really excited and email them back, and then I'd hear nothing; NOTHING. Samara will attest to how frustrated I was getting. So finally I decided to call. And I got in the class. For less than half of what she usually charges. For the class series that starts on Tuesday. 

Let me reiterate: On Wednesday, I enrolled in a childbirth class that starts on Tuesday. 

SUDDENLY, I'm taking the first step to becoming a certified doula. Wow. 


  1. So awesome! I seriously cant wait to hear all about it :D

  2. I am SO SO SO excited for you!!! And so is my sister who plans on becoming a doula when her kids are older. I can't wait to hear more (and I can't wait until my CNA class starts :-) ).

  3. Whoohooo!!!! This is all just so exciting!!!!